Paris Apartments

A friend Bronwyn and I were on our way to a two week fun-filled holiday in Paris, France. Even though we were warned that the French can be quite abrupt, it didn’t stifle our determination to spend some time in the city of love, so we booked an apartment in Paris and were soon on our merry way.

Des Amants

We wanted to book into a hotel at first, but decided to book an apartment to experience what it would be like living in Paris instead, all the while doing a lot of tourist activities. Our apartment was located in the heart of Montmartre. Just a short walking distance from our apartment was the infamous Moulin Rouge and also the Sacre Coeur with bakeries, jazz bars and markets in abundance.

The apartment was very stylish with teakwood floors and a comfortable lay-out, but my favourite feature, and I think Bronwyn would agree, was the patio. It had a very charming feel to it and became our favourite spot when we just wanted to sit outside without having to leave the apartment. The street in front of our apartment block was always busy, but without affecting the serenity of our holiday accommodation.

Just an ordinary day

We tried to get up as early as possible in the mornings so that we could have more time to enjoy activities in and around the city. Every day started with a typical French breakfast of coffee and croissants. After that we would start our day’s activities which included some of Paris’ biggest tourist attractions, starting with the Eiffel Tower. You can’t go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, and as expected it was simply breathtaking.

For our cultural experience, Bronwyn booked a bike tour for us. The French really do love their bicycles and it’s easy to see why. It was a well paced tour around the city and our tour guide was very friendly, giving us a detailed background of the city while patiently waiting for Bronwyn and me to try and keep with the rest of the group. One thing Bronwyn and I didn’t keep in mind is exactly how unfit we were, but because we were cycling at a relaxing pace, we were able to not get left behind all the time and managed to learn a few things. We both laughed at our own unfitness, something the rest of our tour group didn’t really understand.

It makes you feel like a kid again

The thing both of us wanted to do was to go to Disneyland. Yes, some might say that it is a little childish at our age, but I reckon you’re never too old to have some fun in an amusement park. We went on Crush’s Coaster, took on some boys in the Cars Race Rally driving along Route 66 to Radiator Springs, and a tour through the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. We tried to go on as many rides as possible, had take aways for lunch and all kinds of candy. No wonder we didn’t feel too healthy at the end of the day, but our over-indulgence was well worth it.

Bronwyn has always loved the story The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, so we decided to pay it a visit to the church where the legend stems from. Notre-Dame is Paris’ Gothic landmark and with the 387 steps we had to climb to get to the top, it did feel quite daunting, but the incredible view made up for each and every step we had to take. Once in the tower, we came eye-to-eye with gargoyles and amazing architectural detail like no other.

The rest of our trip included outing to: Parc Asterix, the French comic character of Asterix and Obelix; Parc Zooligique de Paris; Tour Montparnasse; Cinéaqua, a state-of-the-art aquarium; Ô Chateau, the fun way of experiencing and learning about France’s famous wines and lastly, but definitely not the least, the extravagant palace of Versailles. Paris is a city filled with adventure and although it is regarded as the city of love, it really is a city for all, offering even two best friends the holiday of a lifetime!