Paris Apartment Rentals

Paris, the capital city of France is also one of the largest cities in Europe. This cosmopolitan city is located on the banks of river Seine. One of the important centers of cultural activities in the medieval and Renaissance periods, Paris is home to some of the world’s finest museums, art galleries and monuments.

Tourists to Paris can stay at any of the innumerable hotels there, but, those with budget restrictions can opt for Paris apartment rentals. These apartment rentals have several advantages over hotel rooms. Short-term apartment rentals are meant especially to cater to travelers. These apartments have lot of space unlike hotel rooms and they are a convenient place to stay if you’re traveling with children. The apartments are fully furnished and give you a certain amount of independence, especially in cooking your favorite meals, which is not possible in hotel rooms.

Short-term rentals allow the occupier to stay for a period of six months or less. If you wish to stay there for a longer period you can choose long-term rentals. Short-term apartment rentals in all price ranges are available. If you want an apartment with basic amenities, it can cost you anywhere between $140 and $165 per week. If you want a large three bedroom apartment that is fully furnished with amenities like TV, Stereo, fireplace, a washing machine and lift, it can cost you anywhere between $600 per week to $2290 per week depending on the size and amenities that come with the apartment. .

Long-term apartment rentals are calculated month wise. If you want accommodation with a few basic amenities, it can cost you $890 to $1210 per month. If you want more sophistication and a few more amenities, you will have to pay anything between $1650 and $4460 per month. But if you are prepared to live with just a TV, it is enough if you pay $200- $300 per month.

Paris is a safe city except for a high incidence of pick pocketing. There are certain places where you must avoid going alone in the night. If you take all the precautionary measures generally advised, your stay in Paris is bound to be pleasant.