If you are on a vacation to Paris, you should keep in mind that the best place to stay is the Paris Apartments. These apartments are cozy places where you can enjoy your stay with family or with that special person who holds a place in your heart. They offer some of the best luxuries one can experience.

While living in Paris apartments, you almost feel like a Parisian. They are apartments that are constructed in true French design and come with a lot of amenities. These apartments are available in different styles as per your choice. You could go in for a studio apartment or a flat with many rooms. The studio apartment has an attached kitchen, so if you are in the mood to do some cooking then you could always do so. Just run down to the local market, pick up some fresh vegetables and meat and start cooking! These apartments offer the unique homely feeling that a hotel room does not. So these Paris Apartments are definitely the best option for you.

These Paris apartments can be rented out for long term or short term. In Paris, Long Term Rentals are mostly chosen by people who go to stay there for work or business purposes. Paris short term rentals are also available for those people who want to stay in Paris for just a few weeks. These Paris short term rental apartments are a lot cheaper when compared to hotels. They also come with a lot of amenities like T.V, refrigerators, microwave ovens, toasters etc. They contain all the accessories that you would need to live a normal life like a Parisian.

In Paris, long term rentals are a really cost effective option for those people who have to stay in Paris for long durations. Most companies also prefer to accommodate their employees in the Paris long term rental apartments. This saves them a lot of money which they would otherwise have to spend on costly hotel rooms.

Getting Paris apartments may not be easy, especially if it is during the holiday season. The best way to get an apartment in Paris is to search one of the many websites that offer these. With these sites, you can get an Apartment in Paris, short term Rentals or long term depending on your needs. These sites provide users with some of the best quotes which you wouldn’t get from a travel agent.

Such websites are really helpful for modern day tourists who use the internet in an effective way to get the best deals on accommodation. One such site that helps interested tourists visiting Paris is Paris365days.com. They offer the best deals on Paris short term rentals as well as Paris long term rentals.

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t’s best to rent apartment in Paris if you want to celebrate the New Year your way. Hotel rules cramp your style – have your own place to come home to.

Paris Apartments give you more freedom and better value

The New Year celebration in Paris is like no other. It’s not about just one night – it lasts for the entire month! And New Year’s Eve in Paris offers so many ways to celebrate you’ll find yourself having a difficult time deciding where to go to say Bonne Annee. The city is packed, and one word of advice is to forget about the expensive hotels. Have your own place to come home to without all the rules and regulations. If you don’t have friends or family to stay with, the best alternative is to rent apartment. In Paris, you can find a luxury rental in any of the Arrondissements. Paris apartments are not only more spacious, but if you check out what even a decent hotel will cost you, you’ll find yourself spending way less to have a spectacularly luxurious home to call your own amongst the locals. You could even have your own celebration at home. Try that at a hotel.

Paris’ New Year celebration lasts an entire month

The entire country of France celebrates “St. Sylvestre” or the New Year for the whole month of January. But if you’re one of the lucky ones to be in the magical city on New Year’s Eve, here are a few of the places you might want to consider spending the night.

• The Moulin Rouge is probably the ultimate classy spot to ring in the New Year. It will set you back close to a thousand dollars when it’s all said and done, but along with the entertainment you’ll enjoy caviar, lobster, and a champagne dinner. Everyone gets a gift, and it’s sure to be a night you’ll never forget!

• The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is where you’ll find the crowds on New Year’s Eve. It is the equivalent of Times Square in the U.S. After an afternoon of shopping at some of the finest department stores and designer boutiques in the world, head over to this most famous of streets. The locals bring a bottle of champagne, plastic flute glass, and picnic bag to count down the seconds and wish each other “Bonne Annee” as a laser and light show explodes over the Eiffel Tower. Dress warmly and for the best view, try to find a spot in the Champ de Mars Park. You can continue celebrating at any of the clubs in the district which will stay open until the wee hours, or if you take the advice to rent apartment in Paris, you can take the party back to your place. There are many Paris Apartments right in the district that you can walk to. Don’t try this if you are going to book a hotel (if you can find one). Hotel rules are pretty strict about any loud partying that might disturb other guests.

• For a little quieter, but no less memorable evening, you might head over to Montmartre and join the festivities at Sacre Coeur Cathedral Plaza. The entire Paris skyline is visible here and the street party is a little more subdued. But after you view the show over the Eiffel Tower, you’ll find many clubs, cabarets, and bars to spend the evening. You can find many Paris Apartments right on the island so you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere after partying all night.

If you choose to rent apartment in Paris, you’ll experience the celebration like a Parisian

Paris Apartments are available in any of the Arrondissements and are really a good option for New Years or any other time of the year. You’ll actually have a place to call your own without all the rules and regulations you have to adhere to at an expensive hotel. You can rent apartment in Paris districts near the attractions that interest you most. You won’t just have a room; you’ll have a home away from home. You can save a lot of money, not on just the cost of lodging, but on cooking as well. Make sure you find one of the Paris Apartments that has a kitchen with utensils so you can cook one or more of your meals at home. The more money you save, the more you’ll have left to spend on entertaining yourself – going clubbing, shopping, sightseeing, etc.

Money saved renting Paris apartments could be spent on a cruise

One pricey but often overlooked option for New Year’s Eve celebration is a cruise down the Seine River. For those unfamiliar with the geography of the city, the Seine divides the city and offers unforgettable views of the city’s major attractions, as well as the two natural islands that are part of the city. What better way to see the festivities than aboard a luxury yacht, after a gourmet dinner and musical entertainment. With an advance reservation, you can get all of this for around $500. You won’t be crowded in on the streets but will certainly be able to take in all the sights and sounds that define Paris on New Year’s Eve.

A friend Bronwyn and I were on our way to a two week fun-filled holiday in Paris, France. Even though we were warned that the French can be quite abrupt, it didn’t stifle our determination to spend some time in the city of love, so we booked an apartment in Paris and were soon on our merry way.

Des Amants

We wanted to book into a hotel at first, but decided to book an apartment to experience what it would be like living in Paris instead, all the while doing a lot of tourist activities. Our apartment was located in the heart of Montmartre. Just a short walking distance from our apartment was the infamous Moulin Rouge and also the Sacre Coeur with bakeries, jazz bars and markets in abundance.

The apartment was very stylish with teakwood floors and a comfortable lay-out, but my favourite feature, and I think Bronwyn would agree, was the patio. It had a very charming feel to it and became our favourite spot when we just wanted to sit outside without having to leave the apartment. The street in front of our apartment block was always busy, but without affecting the serenity of our holiday accommodation.

Just an ordinary day

We tried to get up as early as possible in the mornings so that we could have more time to enjoy activities in and around the city. Every day started with a typical French breakfast of coffee and croissants. After that we would start our day’s activities which included some of Paris’ biggest tourist attractions, starting with the Eiffel Tower. You can’t go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, and as expected it was simply breathtaking.

For our cultural experience, Bronwyn booked a bike tour for us. The French really do love their bicycles and it’s easy to see why. It was a well paced tour around the city and our tour guide was very friendly, giving us a detailed background of the city while patiently waiting for Bronwyn and me to try and keep with the rest of the group. One thing Bronwyn and I didn’t keep in mind is exactly how unfit we were, but because we were cycling at a relaxing pace, we were able to not get left behind all the time and managed to learn a few things. We both laughed at our own unfitness, something the rest of our tour group didn’t really understand.

It makes you feel like a kid again

The thing both of us wanted to do was to go to Disneyland. Yes, some might say that it is a little childish at our age, but I reckon you’re never too old to have some fun in an amusement park. We went on Crush’s Coaster, took on some boys in the Cars Race Rally driving along Route 66 to Radiator Springs, and a tour through the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. We tried to go on as many rides as possible, had take aways for lunch and all kinds of candy. No wonder we didn’t feel too healthy at the end of the day, but our over-indulgence was well worth it.

Bronwyn has always loved the story The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, so we decided to pay it a visit to the church where the legend stems from. Notre-Dame is Paris’ Gothic landmark and with the 387 steps we had to climb to get to the top, it did feel quite daunting, but the incredible view made up for each and every step we had to take. Once in the tower, we came eye-to-eye with gargoyles and amazing architectural detail like no other.

The rest of our trip included outing to: Parc Asterix, the French comic character of Asterix and Obelix; Parc Zooligique de Paris; Tour Montparnasse; Cinéaqua, a state-of-the-art aquarium; Ô Chateau, the fun way of experiencing and learning about France’s famous wines and lastly, but definitely not the least, the extravagant palace of Versailles. Paris is a city filled with adventure and although it is regarded as the city of love, it really is a city for all, offering even two best friends the holiday of a lifetime!

Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or an extended stay in the City of Light, you should look into Paris short stay apartments so that you do not have to miss any of the conveniences of home on your trip. You can rent a furnished apartment near the Louvre and other well-known areas of the city on a weekly or monthly basis. Holiday or vacation apartments are available for time periods less than three weeks, short term apartments can also be rented from three weeks to three months and long term stays of more than three months are also possible.

You may find a cozy studio apartment as well as furnished places with one or more bedrooms, which may be the best option for those of you traveling in groups. Unfurnished apartments should cost a little less for those who need to save a little cash. Still, the amount you pay may very well depend upon the section of Paris in which you stay. For instance, you may be able to find a place near the Latin Quarter such as Saint Germain des Pres, which is surrounded by many historic landmarks and monuments. Apartments near Madeleine-Concorde also have historical significance in the Place de la Concorde where Napoleon Bonaparte left an indelible impression.

The Arc de Triomphe is an absolutely wonderful area overlooking the famed Champs-Elysees. If you plan to do some shopping in one of the world’s fashion capitals, then you may want to find a place in the Beaubourg or Opera. If you want a bit of Old Paris charm, you may try to get a place in the Right Bank such as Bastille, le Louvre, le Marais, Montorgueil, le Palais Royal or Place des Vosges. You can also get a taste of island life in either the Ile St. Louis or the Ile de la Cite with Notre Dame de Paris.

Even those unfamiliar with the city can find Paris short stay apartments by perusing according to district or arrondissement. However, there are 18, so it is good to have some idea of what type of place you need so that you can narrow down choices. Travelers on a budget may try to find basic student apartments while those able to splurge can look at more high-end places. With all the options available, it is possible to find housing in Paris to fit your budget and personal flavor.

Paris is one of the most mesmerizing cities of the world which is the capital of France. Paris is a very dazzling city which is also known as “the City of lights”. Today this city is a leading business, political, cultural, fashion, and science and art center of the world. It is s global city and thousands of people come here all the year around to experience the beautiful weather, amazing attractions, appealing locations and the elegant natural surroundings.

In this article, I would like to tell you about some short term rentals that are easily available in Paris.

1. Cognac
It is a very beautiful two bedroom studio apartment which welcomes all the short term guests. It is on the sixth floor of a charming building from which you can see the wonderful views of the Eiffel Tower. Here you will find large comfortable bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen which contains all the essential equipments and utensils. Some other facilities available here are large flat screen televisions, cotton towels, lotions and high speed internet connection.

2. Princess Grace
Princess Grace has four bedrooms and a fully furnished kitchen. The location of this apartment is very good and from here you can easily visit all the attractions of Paris. Some of the amenities available here include Linens, Towels, and cable television with international channels, coffee maker, micro wave oven, high speed internet, and phone and DVD player. I am sure your stay here would certainly be comfortable and pleasant.

3. Hermitage
It is a five star vacation apartment which provides a luxurious stay to all the visitors who come to Paris. This place has been recently renovated and can comfortably accommodate five people. Here you will find pleasant and attractive rooms, balcony view of Paris, fine decoration pieces and good furniture. Here you have two bedrooms and the master bedroom has a king sized bed with high-quality sofa sets and a very good lightening system. The place contains a modern kitchen where you will find a refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster and a Cappuccino Machine.

4. Sancerre
Sancerre is very near to the bank of the river Seine and from this apartment you can visit the famous shops, restaurants and market streets of Paris. This apartment is just excellent for honeymoon couples. The master bedroom has a large comfortable bed and offers mesmerizing views of the city. Some of the accessories that are provided here include Hairdryer, washing machine, television, DVD player, air conditioner and a good security system.

Paris, the capital city of France is also one of the largest cities in Europe. This cosmopolitan city is located on the banks of river Seine. One of the important centers of cultural activities in the medieval and Renaissance periods, Paris is home to some of the world’s finest museums, art galleries and monuments.

Tourists to Paris can stay at any of the innumerable hotels there, but, those with budget restrictions can opt for Paris apartment rentals. These apartment rentals have several advantages over hotel rooms. Short-term apartment rentals are meant especially to cater to travelers. These apartments have lot of space unlike hotel rooms and they are a convenient place to stay if you’re traveling with children. The apartments are fully furnished and give you a certain amount of independence, especially in cooking your favorite meals, which is not possible in hotel rooms.

Short-term rentals allow the occupier to stay for a period of six months or less. If you wish to stay there for a longer period you can choose long-term rentals. Short-term apartment rentals in all price ranges are available. If you want an apartment with basic amenities, it can cost you anywhere between $140 and $165 per week. If you want a large three bedroom apartment that is fully furnished with amenities like TV, Stereo, fireplace, a washing machine and lift, it can cost you anywhere between $600 per week to $2290 per week depending on the size and amenities that come with the apartment. .

Long-term apartment rentals are calculated month wise. If you want accommodation with a few basic amenities, it can cost you $890 to $1210 per month. If you want more sophistication and a few more amenities, you will have to pay anything between $1650 and $4460 per month. But if you are prepared to live with just a TV, it is enough if you pay $200- $300 per month.

Paris is a safe city except for a high incidence of pick pocketing. There are certain places where you must avoid going alone in the night. If you take all the precautionary measures generally advised, your stay in Paris is bound to be pleasant.

Natives of the United States may have an impression that staying abroad in Europe is just too expensive to afford. After all, taxes, food, rent, they are all many times more costly than their counterparts in the States are, or so one would think. The truth is: there are plenty of cheap Paris apartments, and if the capital of France has that to offer, anyone can be brave enough to do the research and take a trip.

The caveat to traveling abroad, especially in France, is that anyone planning on making the trip should master two disciplines. First, the person should have a full command, not a working knowledge, but a completely fluent grasp of the French language. While it may be easy to live in the US and not speak English, such is not the case in Paris. With a fluency in French, a traveler should subject himself or herself to acclimatization before heading away.

It may sound silly, but choosing not to get soda refills when eating out, skipping ice in drinks and practicing patience at meals will all be foundational for a smooth transition. Many people discover that finding cheap Paris apartments is the least of their concern when moving abroad. Inexpensive board is easy to track down, adopting a new lifestyle is challenging.

Apartments are the better choice for visitors with family or on semi-long-term vacations or business trips. Unlike a hotel, where the occupant pays an included nightly fair for room service and employee personnel, apartments are more private and do not include charges for these services. Renters can find apartments for as low as eighteen Euros, a person, a night, with full accommodations including a shower, refrigerator, sink and stove.

Similarly, apartments in the city are easy to locate near prominent features such as Notre Dame, the Bastille, the Louvre and the Pantheon. Many of these dwellings are close enough to have scenic window views of the most famous architecture in France. The tourist, locating the right habitation for his or her trip should consider his or her schedule in defining where to stay.

With exception to the Champs Elysees region, apartments near any of the great architectural structures in Paris can be obtained inexpensively. The average dwelling costs about forty Euros a night, per person, and many can be found for less than that. Much is determined by the amenities the renter wishes to obtain, and his or her flexibility in exact location.

The draw of Paris has always been romance for most people. It’s considered one of the most romantic cities in the entire world and for good reason. People come to this fantastic city and fall in love – either with someone else or just the city itself. For those people that love all that Paris stands for, many are ready to find Paris apartments for sale just so they never have to leave!

Is It Hard to Find Paris Apartments for Sale?

That can be a difficult question to answer. It will depend on the part of city where you wish to make your purchase. Some areas, such as the 4th, 5th, and 6th arrondissements, or neighborhoods, are highly sought after. These properties are much harder to find and you can expect to pay a premium price. The 17th arrondissement is becoming quite popular as well. There are several neighborhoods that real estate agents often speak of as “colorful and emerging.” For those that think this sounds grand, it’s not. These are areas that are much less expensive, but you could be sacrificing in room, condition, and your personal safety.

What to Do When You Meet with a Real Estate Agent

You simply cannot show up casually dressed. You must appear professionally dressed and quite “pulled together.” This will at least generate a bit of interest from the real estate agent. You should also know exactly what you are looking for in terms of the perfect Paris apartments for sale. A real estate agent will be quick to move on if they feel you are simply “browsing.” It also pays to know a bit about the average sale prices in the area you are looking for. This will also show the agent that you are very serious about finding a great place to call home.

In Closing

You can find a fantastic Paris apartment for sale, but the above tips will make it much easier. Keep in touch with the real estate agent at least once a week, either by phone, email, or in person. This will help ensure that they continue to search for the right property for you. Above all, don’t expect instant results. It will take a little bit of time to find an available property and you may not be able to get the first bid in. Best of luck in your property search!

Paris, by far one of the most romantic cities in the world, also known as “the city of lights” has quickly become one of the most expensive cities in the world in regards to real-estate prices. It has caught up to London and New York in the past few years and the prices are very high if you are looking to rent or buy an apartment there. However that did not stop Paris apartments from being very popular on the real-estate market. In fact the opposite happened; it attracts more people than ever.

How does all of this affect an average person just looking to rent apartments in Paris?

First make sure it’s worth the extra effort you will need to put in to getting an apartment there. If you are planning on staying at least a few weeks in Paris, you most definitely should rent an apartment. However for shorter stays getting a hotel room might be cheaper option. Not to mention a lot less complicated one as you won’t need to invest the same amount of energy to get it.

What you should know before booking an apartment there is that Paris is divided in 20 districts also known as “arrondissements” and each district has its own special characteristics you might want to explore before choosing the perfect one for you. For example, Vaugirard, 20th district, is the most populated one, with estimated 232,400 lliving there however it’s very far from the city center but the rents are relatively cheap. If being close to center is an important factor to you, make sure to get an apartment in the inner spiral turn, from 1st to 6th arrondissements as those are located in the very heart of Paris and its very historical center.

Keep in mind that you are mostly paying for location in Paris (the time of year when you visit can be a factor as well but 90% of the price is based on location of the apartment) so an apartment with serious flaws in the 1st arrondissement will still be a lot more expensive than a perfect apartment in 20th arrondissement.

How to rent an apartment?

The positive aspect of a large apartment market in Paris is the fact that there are several websites you can use to get in touch with landlords directly without paying agency fees or signing agency contracts. Those websites will allow you to email the landlord directly and set up a meeting where you can see the apartment and the landlord can meet you in order to discuss the terms of renting directly.

Paris, the largest city in France is a haven of rich monuments. It is one of the most preferred tourist destinations and is famous for fashion and music. Indeed, this city is on every tourist’s wish list. If this mesmerizing city has compelled you to make travel plans, then do not wait any longer. Plan your next vacation at this place and get enchanted by its beauty. While you make travel plans ensure that you hire luxurious Paris apartments. They are extremely comfortable and far better than a crammed hotel room. Besides, these apartments are located close to monuments and places of tourist interest. This would mean that you are never too far from the buzzing destinations.

Paris accommodation would mean that you can visit the tourist destinations in a jiffy. It gives you an opportunity to live extravagantly in two or three bedroom apartments furnished with all the amenities. Moreover, it is a cost effective as compared to the hotel tariff. You can enjoy the same benefits as you would in a hotel. In fact, you can get better Paris rentals rates if you hire Paris apartments.

Paris apartments in Marais offer a huge variety. You can browse apartments online by entering few key details. Simply enter your date of arrival, date of departure, number of members, specific city you wish to stay in and the information will be published online in the search results. There are advance search options too if you are looking for a specific location. Not just that, the advanced search enables you to shortlist apartments based on price, amenities and neighborhood. Vacation rentals in Paris should be done in advance since the city receives more than 45 million tourists annually. And most of them are foreign tourists. In fact, 60 percent of the tourists are foreigners. There are many benefits of hiring Paris apartments. Here is a lowdown on the same.


Cost Effective: Hiring an apartment is far more cost effective than staying in a hotel. Firstly, you can get the rent for a short as well as long term. You will not be charged on a per day basis. Secondly, there is no intermediary. You can directly coordinate with the homeowner and negotiate rates. Thirdly, there are no strict rules about check-in and check-out time. Even if you check out a little late than the scheduled time, you will not be charged an additional fee.

Local Information: You can get hands on local information about the city if you stay in an apartment. The homeowner will guide you with shopping information, culture, sight-seeing and much more. All this information is available at no extra cost. Indeed, Paris apartments are better than hotel accommodation. They will also help you save money on the food expenses.

Fully Furnished: These apartments are fully furnished and do not compromise on luxury or comfort. They have an active kitchen, which means that you can cook up meals and save money that you would have spent on eating outside.

Paris events are a must watch. If you want to visit this city for its magical events then hire an apartment in advance. It will make a huge difference to your expenses.